Sunday, May 3, 2009

From the Blogs

The latest stories from the Florida blogs...

Blue in Miami: How dumb is Mario Diaz-Balart?

Generation Miami (Giancarlo Sopo): Was Mario talking about his donors?

Generation Miami (Alex Barreras): Say it where it counts, Mario

Generation Miami (Giancarlo Sopo): Mario Diaz-Balart’s History of Eloquence (Updated)

Generation Miami (Giancarlo Sopo): The unedited version is even worse

Generation Miami (Giancarlo Sopo): Cuban-American leaders denounce Mario Diaz-Balart

Generation Miami (Alex Barreras): Conflating Cuba and Castro

Generation Miami (Giancarlo Sopo): Babalu, fiefdoms and patriotism

Generation Miami (Giancarlo Sopo): Diaz-Balart blasts Obama for referring to Cuba as ‘Cuba’

Generation Miami: Mario Diaz-Balart thinks you’re a Nazi

Generation Miami: On “Unilateral Concessions” to the Castro Regime

Miami-Dade Dems: Worrying about the "institutional gravities of Congress"

Down With Tyranny: The Diaz-Balart Family Doesn't Like Fascism? Since When?